Join the Fight for Freedom by Contributing to the David Rodriguez Law Fund

Right now, author, activist, and educator David Rodriguez is fighting to be the voice for those who would rather stay silent.

David is a peaceful, moral individual who was kidnapped without cause. He was exercising his natural rights and harmed no one. After being falsely arrested and imprisoned in Santa Cruz, California for 14 days, he now faces a laundry list of misdemeanors and two felony charges for merely exercising his Right to Travel. He has NOT committed any crimes.

Please support David in his lawful defense and civil lawsuits. With court dates looming and a potential trial on the way, David needs to know you stand behind him as he hits the barbed wire for everyone else who values freedom.

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I support David Rodriguez and the right-to-travel as a right not exercised is lost. By my signature, I am supporting and requesting the Sheriff’s deputies in the county of Santa Cruz, State Troopers in California, and any officers working for municipal police departments exercise their right of discretion to nullify any law that does not have a real victim and refuse to use violence on peaceful people for political promises, social engineering, revenue generation or alleged health issues. We are suggesting sheriff’s deputies and officers organize collectively, supported by the community, and draw a THICKREDLINE in the sand to say: NO! to both enforcement of victimless crimes and mandatory vaccinations for first responders.

By signing our petition you are affirming your support for everyone’s right-to-travel and for Sheriff’s deputies, officers, and troopers to renounce the use of violence on peaceful people if the alleged “crime” doesn’t have a real victim.


By donating, you are not only helping him stay free. You are helping him expose the criminality and immorality of what these “officials” are doing.