About David Rodriguez

David is voluntaryist, which means he practices and promotes voluntary relationships with all peaceful people. He believes all people are equal in authority and no one is exempt from morality, especially government employees who swore to serve and protect The People.

As the head of the Santa Cruz Voluntaryists he has been exposing the illegitimacy and criminality of “Government”… and how it is used to rob and control populations.

David went into hospitals at what the LA Times called “The Epicenter of Covid in California” and found empty tents, empty waiting rooms, and hospital employees openly speculating that Covid was a hoax. He helped organize peaceful civil disobedience against lockdowns that were bankrupting local businesses.

He is the co-owner of the Gatto Project with the mission of helping parents remove their children from forced schools so they can pursue an education with dignity, respect, and empowerment. David was republishing the works of John Taylor Gatto, New York State’s teacher-of-the-year turned whistleblower. These works expose the unethically manipulative hidden curriculum in the Government’s mandatory “schools”.

David has also recently helped to expose that the “public servants” in Santa Cruz, County are paying themselves salaries and benefits that in many cases total over $350,000 per year… 4-5 times what the average resident makes. This includes the Sheriff, District Attorney, and the Chief of Psychiatry just to name a few. We believe some of these same “public servants” are behind the campaign to threaten and intimate David that locked him up for 14 days without bail and continues to threaten him with arrest and imprisonment for victimless crimes.