On February 23,  Judge Syda Cogliati was not able to locate the proof of jurisdiction. Although Assistant District Attorney Bryan A. Pearson asserted that a previous judge had ruled on it, he wasn’t able to show Judge Cogliati or myself any proof of jurisdiction.

As Melo v US says, “When it clearly appears that the court lacks jurisdiction, the court has no authority to reach the merits. In such a situation the action should be dismissed for want of jurisdiction.”

However, Judge Cogliati violated this case law and arbitrarily found that the court does have jurisdiction, but when I asked to see the evidence, she threatened me contempt of court.

She then ordered me to be appear in person again on the next day for the master calendar.

When I showed up on February 24, Judge Timothy Volkmann was on the bench. I requested to be able to attend via zoom for future hearings, as Mr Pearson and the Deputy City Attorney were also on zoom. Judge Volkmann allowed it.

I explained to Judge Volkmann that jurisdiction had not been proven and we need to dismiss unless the prosecution can provide some evidence of jurisdiction.

Then the matter was continued until June 15 for another Trial Readiness Conference.

On June 15th, I called brought forth 12 witnesses via an affidavit affirming that the Oath of Office for District Attorney was invalid and therefore he was unqualified to prosecute the case.

Judge Stephen Siegel was sitting in for Judge Cogliati, evidently, and he tossed out my evidence using the Vogel v. Los Angeles case.

If this case nullifies California Election Code 200 and the California Constitution (Article XX, Section 3), I think they would change the Oaths of Office required by both. (Look up both these citations if you want to see what I mean.)

Judge Siegel then ordered me to appear in person the next day, June 16. To which I said I could not physically be there because I was far away and couldn’t get there.

He said if I didn’t appear in person there would be a warrant out for me, saying, “That’s just the way it is.”

The next day, June 16, I faxed in a Conditional Acceptance saying I would accept their offer to adjudicate the case if they could prove jurisdiction, amongst other conditions which you can see here: https://bit.ly/3HFRf8S

Also on that day, I got on the court zoom hearing to see what violence they were planning to put on me. I told them I couldn’t physically be there but they have no compassion.

This is a political attack against me for my freedom activism in 2020 and 2021.

Judge Volkmann led the court and told me he was issuing a $50,000 warrant but staying it, until June 22, forcing me to show up in person or be chased down by men with guns.

So I decided that I would show up in person.

One my counselors is a knowledgeable person who helped me do deep research into what the courts are REALLY doing with our names, social security numbers, and signatures.

It turns out that we discovered a man who found my case number and my name connected to a stock market fund.

This means the court is committing multiple felonies, such as financial fraud, money laundering and identity theft.

The witness signed an affidavit testifying to this and you can see in the next sentence via the link. I submitted a Notice of Claim of Right of Subrogation on June 21, which can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/3xLcnWz .

These governments are evidently using our names as a “trust account” and creating bonds in our name with our social security numbers, without our our permission.

As I notify the Judges and other officers of the court, they have an obligation to help stop this injustice. The only reason they may not be helpful is if they’re aware of this scheme and don’t want to get caught in it. Regardless, the world will soon know what “the net retention of the penal sum” means. Something akin to human slavery and trafficking.

But, as you know, the Great Self-Ownership Awakening is happening now and millions of people know that the future is voluntary. The future is consensual. The future is decentralized. The future is free.

In fact, the alleged secret societies are now known and the hidden predator psychopaths are identified by name by essentially all genuine truth seekers.

The Freemasons of Santa Cruz proudly have a plaque on the front the courthouse from 1968 saying they donated the court building, if I recall correctly.

Regardless, I send peace and love to these predators. Their conscience is likely keeping them up at night as they know they’re ruining people’s lives who have never harmed them.

They destroy families and children and love, for money and power. Such sad souls.

Who would want to spend their lives plotting to rule other people?

That is such a low vibrational goal.

In any case, I’m heading to court in a few hours and you’re welcome to join me via zoom: https://santacruzcourt-org.zoomgov.com/j/1603307728 .

Thank you for your support and for sending me vibrations of liberation and transformation!

If you would like to donate you can do so here: https://freedavid.org/donate/.

But whatever you do, please know that freedom is your birthright.

Freedom is having the authority to do anything you want so long as you don’t violate others or their rights.

We must exercise our freedoms, not beg for them.

We must love freedom, not like it.

We must intentionally build freedom, not hope it will build itself.

You and I are chosen, or maybe chose ourselves, to help increase the consciousness, peace, joy, love, enlightenment, and voluntary solutions on earth for our benefit and for the children.

And that’s what we’re doing. So keep at it, brothers and sisters, and come back soon for an update here or on Telegram @FreedomLoversShow.

Peace, love, and freedom forever,

David James Rodriguez