My next court appearance is now on Feb. 23 at 9 am.

What happened on Dec. 21, during my Trial Readiness Conference appearance?

I formally challenged the court’s jurisdiction. I did this by handing the paperwork to the Assistant District Attorney, Bryan Pearson, with the help of the bailiff, and I filed the paperwork with the Court Clerk.

Previously, I had verbally challenged jurisdiction but with Challenge of Jurisdiction paperwork, this action is on the court record.

The Judge, who was the 3rd different judge on my case, directed the ADA to respond by Feb. 9. Then he said that I need to respond by Feb. 16.

Will this Challenge of Jurisdiction succeed?

I don’t know. But I’m feeling that the courts are a conveyor belt of extortion and I have to say something.

Therefore, I can’t stay silent as tyranny shows it’s ugly face around me. Can you?

I told the judge that we have filed two Affidavit witness testimonies but I have yet to see one sworn testimony of my alleged accuser with first hand knowledge of these alleged crimes. The county’s racketeering is apparent.

Depending on what happens between now and Feb. 23, the judge put the trial date for March 7. Please send vibrations and visions of my case being dismissed.

In addition, if you want to come support me and who the District Attorney who the real People of the State of California are, please meet me at the court on Feb. 23 at 9am at 701 Ocean St. in Santa Cruz. We’ll probably have lunch or something afterwards.

Remember, I’m in this court mess because I’ve been exercising my natural rights, not because I initiated any harm to person or property. Free people don’t ask permission to be free. We exercise it!

If I lose this case, this is a loss for anyone who wishes to be free. If I win this case, this is a win for anyone who wishes to be free.

We are on the right side of history.

Let’s keep shining our lights and standing up for what’s right!