I, David James Rodriguez, have been targeted by politicians in Santa Cruz, CA for my peaceful and lawful freedom activities.

What did I do? 

– I exercised my Right to Travel in my car, traveling with private license plates instead of state issued license plates.

Why? Because I learned that the driver’s license is for commercial drivers, like bus drivers, UPS drivers, taxi drivers, etc. Private travelers are NOT commercial drivers, and therefore are allowed to use the public roads for transporting their private property. 

Despite this, the Santa Cruz Police Department deprived me of my property by unlawfully towing my car, then charging me with 2 felonies in order to force me to plead guilty to 5 non-violent misdemeanors, all related to Right to Travel activities. 

I’m not planning on pleading guilty to crimes I didn’t commit. My trial is scheduled for January 3rd and you are encouraged to come and support me there.

– I also exercised my unalienable rights by shopping without a mask, gathering peaceful people on the beach, and giving out free hugs on a consensual basis. 

In addition, I was assaulted on March 7, 2021 by an aggressive man, on video. He admitted to it publicly and bragged about it on Facebook. In the official police report, Officer Zimmerman said she believed he was “guilty of unlawful use of tear gas, 22810(g)(1) PC”. Did the district attorney file charges against him? No.

They let this criminal get away with a real crime while they’re coming after me for questioning their alleged authority.

They’re maliciously prosecuting me, and they’re hoping to get away with it.

Why is this important? 

If they can get away with depriving me of my liberty and property, then they can do the same thing to you or your children. 

And that’s a terrifying thought.

This is an excellent example of the servant directing the master, instead of the master directing the servant. If We The People don’t express and exercise our unalienable rights, the politicians will enslave us forever. If we stand up for justice and morality, we will win. 

I, David James Rodriguez, have taken a stand for freedom and equality for all people. I would greatly appreciate your support and assistance. 

How You Can Help 

You can help me by doing one (or all!) of the following:

  1. Email the district attorney and respectfully ask him to dismiss and vacate all charges: dao@co.santa-cruz.ca.us ;
  2. Call the district attorney and respectfully ask him to dismiss and vacate all charges, (831) 454-2400.
  3. Donate for victories in my criminal and civil lawsuits: https://freedavid.org/donate/ 
  4. Contact local and national media about my case and the unalienable Right to Travel
  5. Show up and support me during the trial on Jan. 3
  6. Share this information with others!

I appreciate all your encouragement and support.

With thanks,